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Hey! I'm cheesum―an American singing synthesizer user (VOCALOID, UTAU, etc.) who likes to make them sound nice in my spare time. While I don't post too much on my own channels, I do extensive behind the scenes work for VOCALOID producers and companies, as well as frequently collaborate with others.
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KIRA (2016-2019)
Various Works
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UTAU is FOREVER Zine (2017)
Organized an UTAU themed zine for charity, with over 100 copies circulated across 30 countries.
NBC Universal Japan (2017)
"CONCIENTIA" Album by Crusher-P
"Bunny Alliance" Vocal Manipulation
Yamaha Corporation (2016)
"VOCALOID Cyber Songman" Software Demo
"Fighter" Supervision and Lyric collaboration
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